Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kololo Health Projects

Many of you may remember the story of Daguma.  A young boy suffering from severe scoliosis that assisted on much of the Ekodaga school build.  Through chance, I met Dr. Rick Hodes (he perfers Dr. Rick) and described Daguma's ailments, soon after Daguma traveled into Addis for his first of many visits.  Thanks to Dr. Rick's phenomenal work, Daguma received two life changing, and potentially saving operations (currently he is back in Ghana rehabbing from his second and hopefully final surgery).  Well... Dr. Rick and Tesfa are back at it again.  

With the assistance of Liz Mcgovern from Madula Water, a current construction employee, Berhanu Lamma of the Kololo build, has been sent to Addis.  Starting last week, Berhanu met with Dr. Rick and his staff to have his ameloblastoma reviewed.  Dr. Rick and his support staff are in the process of planning strategies for short term and long term intervention.  Berhanu, his family, and all of us at Tesfa and Ethiopia Reads are ecstatic about the great news.  

Of course word got out that the ferengies were sending locals into Addis for surgery.  Soon after Berhanu left, a father brought in his young boy.  His child is suffering from a congenital deformity known as club foot.  So we took a couple photos and got the word up to Dr. Rick.  A few days later we heard back, the young boy should report to Addis ASAP.  It seems that the boy is an excellent candidate for surgery.  Amazing news once again.   The father and son should be traveling to Addis by early next week.  I will keep everyone updated on any progress in the upcoming weeks.

The travel and living allowances of patients and their families are not expenses currently fully covered.  While Dr. Rick is working tirelessly to fund-raise for his numerous patients, he needs support as well. Our project budget does not have additional funding built in for such costs.  However, there is a facebook group headed by Liz and friends, that  functions to help with fundraising for all Kololo related medical cases.  Please visit the page to donate or learn more.

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