Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Tiger" ate some goats

Egads!  They exist, or at least something just as deadly as a tiger!  So the communities chatter about the so called waterfall tigers was more than just talk.  According to numerous eyewitnesses, last evening, two tigers made their way into the village and ambushed a herders stock of goats.  The circle of life surely showed its self on our little bit of pride rock, as a Kololo farmer lost two of his herd to a well coordinated ambush.  In a startling blur, the creatures tore through the riverbanks tall grass, and swiftly made off with the animals as if they were but a fourth of their actual size.  The hearder, and all other community members were unscathed, but all were put an alarm of the lurking menace. Daniel and I were at home resting when Ijigu came back early from a failed shower attempt .  The community filled him in (possibly embellishing a bit) and advised Ijigu to forgo bathing that evening.  I am pretty confident that from now on, the three of us will always be a bit weary of late afternoon, and early evening  trips to our local bath.

A few photos from our favorite water way
 Ijigu posing for the ladies.  Well, really just his mom and wife.  This photo will be on his wall in Addis, no doubt.

 The view upwards from our bathing lagoon.  We usually have some company lining these rocks.  Mostly kids, but also elderly woman and men washing clothes, and cattle herders bringing there animals to drink.

 A nice view into the Kololo valley.  The school is only a 8 minute walk down and to the right from here.

 Our infinity waterfall pool.  We bath here daily. 
 Look mom I have a furry face.

The view from up top.  Though remember, this is only the medium sized fall.  The large one is further down the river.

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