Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ethiopia just finished beating themselves out of advancing in the Africa Cup. Poor game planing, silly fouls, maybe even some bad luck.  

It was the their first time even qualifying for the tournament in the last 31 years. All of Ethiopia has been gliding upon a football high, with huge expectations, for their vastly improved national team.  Devastatingly, that positivity has taken a downward trajectory.  Ethiopia has been eliminated, and there are countless habasha asking themselves why?

After watching the heart-wrenching affair, Ethiopia's second red card received by a goalie in the last three games, and the subsequent loss, Im a bit drained for putting together some not-to-trite daily reflections.  Didnt help watching the game with the family and about 20 eager friends.   Izoh (a wonderful word expressing sorrow and empathy to another) to me and the rest of Ethiopia.

That said...

Fundame: Perimeter fence is finished, bathroom holes being dug, land is completely leveled, 120 1 meter post holes are dug, 6 perimeter post have been set and level, the rest start going in tomorrow.

Azedebo; Mud work is finished, with the exception of very small touch ups around windows and doors, all windows and doors have been installed, all masonry foundation is complete, cement work has begun. 

All level,, once the needed wood delivery is made tomorrow we will make fast work of the rest.

Check out that fence line
How we start the first layer of cement process.

How  it finishes up (not the same room).

Lolo was here

Ephraim (Delenge's 8 year old son)  helping me with the days photo recap

Was Chuni's birthday.  Who needs cake when you got biscuits, mirenda and warm bread

Lolo eyeing up potential belly fillers 

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  1. Fantastic progress Cien...love the birthday pictures too!