Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Final Durame and Shinshicho Regional Assessment Trip

 On October 16, 2012 I traveled to Kembata-Tembaro to finalize the Ethiopia Reads need assessment process begun in May.  In addition to determining a recipient community, we used this trip to thoroughly train 3 Ethiopia Reads project officers in using an enhanced process in assessing and mapping potential beneficiary communities.  The entire trip lasted 4 full days, and at its conclusion I have determined that we have 1 definite and 3 prospective beneficiary communities. 

During this trip we worked with woreder , kebele , local finance and local education officials.  We also called on the expertise of local community leaders to discuss community needs in the region.  In total, we   visited three previously assessed communities, as well as one new.   The areas visited were located just outside of Durame and Shinshicho.  Each of the potential build community’s location was marked using a GPS apparatus.  I am currently in the process of uploading this data to create an online map of that will show the exact location of each of the sites.

Three of the four communities that were visited could greatly benefit from both an Ethiopia Reads sponsored library, or the construction of a school.  While it would be more appropriate to just offer Ethiopian Reads library sponsorship in one potential beneficiary community.   We are currently waiting to hear a few site related updates from a couple of the local officials to make our final decision on implementation time line.  So for the time being I can share photos from the trip, Ill share the big news of where and what by the end of this weekend.  

The AzeDabo School director, kebele, teachers and a couple ER staff

Potential KG land

Checking the library measurements

A bit ofWenko from the road

Tesfahoune taking down school and local community population numbers

Leaving Wenko

We had a few friends for our walk into the surrounding communities

The guys using the GPS to mark where exactly we were

Plenty of hyena holes to go around in Washo

A touching community meeting

Washo folks showing us around

Beautiful surroundings

Fundamo Children

A great example of the usual rural south school library, not much to look at...

Plenty of green pastures in our future

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