Sunday, November 6, 2011

What we are eating

Since first arriving, we have each shed a few pounds.  And it is certainly not do to not eating enough.  We figure that on average, we each consume in the neighborhood of 5,000 calories a day. And plenty of protein.  Yet no matter how hard we try, swinging shovels and pick axes in the African sun keeps melting away the fat. Here is a few examples of our usual meals.  
Moo powder and chocolate syrup to start.  Followed by eggs, onions and hot peppers.  And capped off with a few avocados.  

 Plenty of oats and peanut butter.  And of course bananas, lots ant lots of bananas.


Me playing with my soon to be dinner. Also sporting my new hat.  A supremely functional fashion statement. Which is happily worn daily.

What was left of our Sunday night Dorro Wat.  An Ethiopian favorite, and adored by ferengies and hababashas alike. 

 Messages from food
 Sometimes our food speaks to us. I kid you not that avocado was not carved, I scooped out the meat like all those before it, and this time was told No.  A little weird, especially on Halloween.  There is a oven i n the nearest town with electricity.  We order a few biscuits almost daily. 

 Ijigu, being Igigu
 Ijigu proudly showing off his daily breakfast; bananas and avocados, washed down with scalding hot sugar laden tea.

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