Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little R&R does the weary mind and tired body well (kind of)

With Azedebo completed, and Fundame only a few coats of paint away, I snuck off to Kenya's southern beaches. Don't fret, Ejigu, Tamesgin, and Sallamnesh had it all under control. They each have received enough on the ground training that the school will be completed as if i never left. I return Monday afternoon for a final quality control inspection.

I spent the first part of my 6 days off competing in East African beach Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and the last 3 enjoying a quite beach life. Was a wonderful vacation; a more than healthy amount of running, and not too much basking.

Ethiopia's ultimate players association was able to get 8 people to make the trip. We had the smallest, but most cohesive (and definitely the best dressed) squad out of the 14 competing. We played well, had a great time, and earned 3rd place overall. Unfortunately, I am more fragile than my frame suggest. In a routine dive I suffered a class two shoulder dislocation in just our second game. It wasnt pretty, but I was able to get it back in, sorry no video this time, ate a handful of pills, got taped up and kept on going. You only really need one arm anyways ;-).

Tape doesn't stick all too well when your lubed up with SPF 50, sweating profusely, and perpetually pulling yourself out of the sand. Doi. After about 20 minutes of play it unraveled a bit and looked like a sporty mummy of sorts. My extra shmeedium size jersey helped keep what was left attached. It worked as well as it could have.  My arm stayed in its socket, and I got to enjoy the rest of the tournament on the field rather then on the sidelines.  Once back in Addis Ill be able to start the process of rehab.  Fun.

Heres a few shots of the great group of folks I got to spend the weekend with.  And some beachy shots, of course.

Breakfast before getting down.

The Team (we had 2 folks from Nairobi  for subs)


Dinner and robot-ing beachside

My place of living 

Starfish gallore

Cave roots

Tides out 

I was drinking allot of coconuts... allot. 

Rain circling in 

Where all the crabs hang in the day

My view during my morning runs, poor me


My buddy Bill came along for the trip via his 25 year old Bday T

Had to spend a night in Mobbassa on the way back.

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