Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Floors are done!

Fundame's cement flooring work has been completed.  Four classrooms, an office, store, covered walkway, and the schools outdoor reading and meeting area  all have a fresh smooth layer of cement. 

In total, the flooring's area is 332 sq meters.  Believe me that's a lot of cement.  We went through three 8 cubic meter trucks of aggregate and over 270 bags of Portland cement.  It looks great, and it will be there with little maintenance for decades to come.  Well worth its 5,000 dollar price tag.  

Tamesgin and Salamu working together to complete the covered walkways cement foundation.

Ayella smoothing out one of the classrooms cement finishes. 

Adding Portland cement powder to the floors finish.  This may seem odd, but its common
practice in Ethiopia to prevent small cracks from forming.

Covered walkways cement foundation nearly complete.

The out door reading and meeting area's cement work is nearly complete 


  1. Hello Cien. I contacted you a few months ago about my daughter using some of your photos in her FCCLA Chapter Service Project "Ethiopia Reads". I can't find my original email so I hope it's ok I write to you here; I wanted to give you an update... She was able to raise $183.00 at school (not much, but it's not a big school), she placed at Regionals in January and she will be taking her project to State April 11-13. Hopefully she will go on to Nationals.
    Thanks for the use of your pictures! Keep up the good work you are doing! Enjoy your sister's visit. :)


  2. That's great news! Congratulations to your daughter and family. A big thank you for her hard work and generosity. For the future feel free to contact me on my email