Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back in Kololo

 It's been about a week since I returned to rock hauling and mud
squishing.  3 weeks in a blustery Serbia with family was enjoyed,
especially the good eating, but it was tough being away. Under
Ijigu's experienced eyes, work continued in my absence. And though I
was confidant that operations would largely go unaffected, I gritted
my teeth knowing that a few corners may be cut.

I am happy to share that due to continual communication between Addis
staff, Ijigu and my self,  we were able to mitigate most problems
before they arose. The works pace might have slowed, a couple
skylights were not centered, and a few doors needed to be plumbed, but
after a little time spent my first day back, most everything was
righted. The school is well on it's way to a mid to late march

Here are few photos taken with my iPhone to show off a some of our

Cababush and Tessama working together on the second coat of cob.

A view from the top of the hill the morning after we returned. All cement coating has since been applied on the schools SW side.

A close up on an exterior wall waiting for it's cement coating. Note the angle of the photo, not the windows framing make it look just a bit crooked).

The only unfinished bit of roof left on the school's three buildings. The roof will be fully completed in the next couple days.


  1. It looks fantastic! Thanks so much for blogging this, I love to see how the school is coming along.

  2. Hi Cien, glad you made it back. I am excited to see the progress!