Friday, February 3, 2012

Electronics without electricity

Obvious I know, solar.  Last spring I invested in what at the time was state of the art portable, and durable solar powered equipment.   Because of my work, the manufacturer GoalZero, was kind enough to provide a 20 or 30 percent discount (it was a while back, it’s tough to recall). In total, I purchased a briefcase shaped fold-out solar power panel, two hefty Lithium ion batteries (each weigh in around 16 pounds), two LED lamps, and a radio.  The equipment has proven pretty reliable. We have had some issues  with one of the batteries, it does not always take a charge, and for whatever reason doesn’t like charging our Ipods, but the rest has worked as the company claims.  Without it, amongst other things, we would be unable to read, listen to music, or communicate with the outside world.  We would also be using a hell of a lot of candles.  It’s the little things that make our Kololo living so lavish.  

Oddly enough, I have only a couple photos of the stuff, sorry GoalZero, no stellar product placement.  But here’s a few for more proof that were not living in the dark.

The panels stay in the sun from 730 am to 5pm.  We had to start putting up
a few strings to keep the local cattle and kiddies away.  Its a piddly fence but
it does the trick.

Daniel enjoying doro wat with one of our two batteries in
powering the light above his head.

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