Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We are here

We're here, with a car full of goodies – less than planned, but we are certainly here. Equipped with three foldable cots, 7 rolls of duct tape (one roll was used to fix one of the two cars it took to wheel us down here), a couple machetes, solar panels, water filters, suntan lotion, hot sauce, amongst a few other things: plenty of wherewithal. Since arriving, we discovered the wireless EV-DO sadly does not service much of the rural south, including Mudula and its surrounding townships. So this post, though written under solar powered light at my Kololo home, is being delivered by Tesfa Foundation founder Dana Roskey. So though I will continue to generate posts, I will only be able to upload on average every two weeks. Picture a hose with a severe kink, that will flow freely, when finally unbound.

Since Wednesday, Daniel, Ijigu and myself have spent our time gradually asserting ourselves as new members of the community. Tattoo-clad, white, and twice the size of most, Daniel and I are finding our way a little more gradually than Ijigu. But we will be just fine.

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