Thursday, October 27, 2011


In Kololo comfort surely has a nemesis; the relentlessly swarming common housefly (zimb). Inside or out, sun or shade, body cleansed or reeking, we are engulfed in an unwavering buzz of bacteria-laden insects. We are only able to relieve ourselves of their constant presence by running or taking refuge under our insecticide-treated bed nets. It is quite reminiscent of the constant bouts with horseflies during my summers spent canoeing through the Boundary Waters, though thankfully without the welts (those are bestowed upon us nightly by the fleas). We newcomers do have a distinct advantage over our nemesis; our ability to swat the things. And seeing that the community is accustomed to the ever-present annoyance, and rarely if ever bother to momentarily rid themselves of it, our reactions are much more timely then the flies ever see coming. To put it into perspective, the three-for-one, is actually somewhat common occurrence. Community members, especially children are accustom to the pesky, public health nuisance, but I doubt Daniel and I will ever allow three to nestle themselves comfortably in our tear ducts (don’t worry; public health tutorials are coming). Let alone allow them to rest even for a moment on the desk that my computer presently is perched on. Splat!

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