Thursday, October 6, 2011

A place to lay my head

During my last trip to Kololo, the community determined to donate a family home to Tesfa for the duration of the build. It was a very humbling experience. Many offered their residence, but because of the proximity to the construction site, and a waterfall (our ivory springs like shower) the community determined that this home was the best fit.

Regrettably during my last visit, I did not have a camera equipped a flash. I’ll be sure to share photos of the living quarters in a couple weeks. Other than the remarkable view, the house has high ceilings, a large living space with a built in bench, two bedrooms, a storage space, and is located only a short walk to the communities out of order potable water source. The house is a gojo bet or mud country house, and beautiful one. The home is a great example of the type of construction we will be using to build the Kololo school. -I’ll touch on this in a later post.

The family who graciously donated the home, will be living with extended family just a short walk from Tesfa’s rental. The family and the rest of the community will always be welcome to stop by and chat, and I am sure they will, especially the kids. Considering that there is usually 30 children following me wherever I go in the community, I imagine we will have an array of constant company. Might be a little much at times, but in all, it should be rather awesome.

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  1. What a beautiful home! And what a generous welcome. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.