Sunday, October 30, 2011

Waterfall Tigers

After a long day of community meetings, and exploring the reaches of Kololo and its neighboring villages, the waterfalls are a refreshing escape. We rarely, if ever, are able to escape curious onlookers; yesterday 50 villagers (mostly children) stood in constant vigil as we rested in the cascading water, and upon the sun-warmed rocks. Upon leaving I asked one of our audience members why so many people were interested in watching us, and one nervously replied that they were actually worried for us. It seems that the community has a small population of large cats that live in Kololo’s valley, the same valley where the final waterfall crashes down from roughly 35 meters above. Behind that cascading waterfall hides a large cave, which most in the community fear even to go near, concerned that the supposed tigers that call the cave home will lay chase to them as they do nightly to the communiy's free-range live stock.

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