Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Construction on the rooftop

What goes into making a roof?  In short, a lot of trees, in a variety of sizes, a few cartons of nails, and a bunch folks that are not scared of heights when ER's are very far away. The raised peak once outfitted with corrugated and screening, will provide much needed ventilation to all of the classrooms, office, and library. 

High ceilings and cob walls do a wonderful job retaining the cool of the night into the day.  But a classroom of children, tends to build up warmth in an enclosed space. Thus, vented roofs and windows that open, are ideal for additional heat exchange. The African equatorial sun gets pretty steamy, especially at 2,000 meters.

Working together to make the vented peak just right.
Our assistant manager Temesken putting one of the corrugated
support braces in place.
A view from the top. And no the school is not on a cliff,
just a pretty steep hill.

Andreas is trimming down some warped supports, while I am in
the background hanging and hammering.

I promise no major injuries. Although, hammers tend to suffer from a magnetic
force between folk's finger nails.

One of the roofs two perpendicular supports being hoisted
into position.

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