Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Framing…. yea, there’s plenty more

Once each of the 160 or so vertical wall members, or studs, is firmly in place, we are free to begin nailing in perpendicular supports.  These are the horizontal beams that connect and section off the studs into, on average, meter lengths.  Together this build method allows for the creation of long vertical pockets to eventually fasten the walls cob base. Its tough to find effective descriptors, so I implore you to rely on the following photos. 

This is on my favorite part of the build.  It’s like your putting together/ playing on an adult jungle gym.  

At least three workers handle each beam to ensure if one guy slips the beam
does not come crashing down.

A shot through unseateated ridge supports.  This gives a
pretty good idea of how warped most of our lumber is.

The first tiers buildings are coming together. Also a nice view of one of two
very handy, up to four person ladders.  There heavy and awkward, but well
worth the extra hassle.

Ijigu and Daniel watching as a ridge beam is trimmed and put into position.

Two teams of workers cutting stud walls to the perfect angle and hight.  The
string helps keep the angle constant for each of the 6 cuts.
The first and second tiers secondary framing is nearing completion 
Daniel and Tagessa bringing up a rafter for the second tier.

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