Monday, January 30, 2012

Retaining walls revisited

At the end of November, we were finishing up the retaining walls.  I neglected posting a few photos of the work in progress and what the finished before the framing was erected.  Here are a few photos of the last week of work.  

To give folks an idea of the general size of each of the walls; the walls are 14 meters wide nearly a meter deep and anywhere between 1.5 to nearly 2 meters tall.  My apologies, I think in the metric system these days.
Ijigu checking the level line

Daniel and Yacob shaping boulders into workable chunks of stone.

Andiso working on the first tiers post holes, while the rest of the crew is working on the second tier's retaining wall.

Temesken leading the way while his assistant steadies the internal rebar support.

First and second tiers complete.

Two walls finished, and Daniel taking care of the first tiers 60 or so post holes.

Finishing work being applied on the first tiers classroom door opening, while the third tier is nearing completion.

All three tier's retaining walls are complete.  There was a lot of finish work needed to be done.  We are waiting to the end of the build to take care of all the minor touch ups.

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