Saturday, March 16, 2013

Almost got us

March 16th in Fundame.

Windows and doors installed.  Finishing mud applied.  Exterior  and interior cement work continues.  Creation of the rain water canals has begun.

Side note: We ran out of cement today. Ejigu and Getch traveled to the local construction material shop to pick up 10 bags to get us through the afternoon.  While arguing over prices with a local store keep a small child (Ejigu thinks he was about 6) jimmied open the rental cars door with a gnarled piece of scrap metal.  Unannounced to him, Lolo came along for the ride, and was  resting in the back seat.  Ejigu then had the joy of  watching the tail end of a Lolo scaring a good deal of sense into the kid.  As Ejigu described it, there was a snarl, then a shriek, followed by the poor kid falling to the ground crying and then scampering away .  Lolo let out a few barks as a small crowed formed to enjoy a good laugh. Ejigu and Getch scooped up our now 12 kilo security guard and joined in.   

Time for sleep. 

Store door being cleaned up

Addisu has now become the local rock laying expert

The canal will be finished by Tuesday

First coat of cement being walked in

Add caption

Ejigu and Temesgin going over the days salary payments

Our doubely reinforced bathroom pit

Windows in

Where we are 

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