Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My sister is coming to town

Kahlyn, my 25 year old sis, is currently on her way to Madrid's international airport. Her bags are packed for 6 weeks of Ethiopian living and working with her favorite big brother (she only got one). It will be a fun and productive adventure.

That sister of mine is very well traveled, she is thoroughly experienced in immersing herself in new and different cultures, and shes incredibly kind. She's got the make up of someone that can handle herself and make the most of any situation regardless where she is. Kahlyn will have me for support, but if anyone, she would be able to get by just fine on her own.

Kahlyn is coming out to Ethiopia to collaborate with ER on our upcoming literacy and healthcare outreach programming. For the last couple years Kahlyn has dedicated her life to educating herself on all things bees. In that time she has become well versed in creating and sustaining highly productive bee colonies in a variety of types of environments. Her work has lead her to focus on more than just the apiculture's economic benefits. Rather, Kahyln has focused much of her energy on the numerous and very important health benefits of properly managed apiculture. We feel that much of her programming would work harmoniously with ER's 2013-14 healthcare outreach project. We all at ER, especially my field team, are greatly looking forward to working with Kahlyn over the coming weeks.

Our time together this spring will be spent preparing for next years project implementation. Kahlyn will travel with me to Kembata-Tembaro to familiarize herself with the community and the current state of the regions agriculture and health practices. We will be meeting with local farmers, bee specialists and public health officials to discuss the expansion of ER's potential foray into apiculture. It will be a very informative trip that will provide critical contacts and useful site visits for Kahlyn's planning.

Take the time to find out much more about her work on her website beefreeapiaries.org


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