Friday, March 15, 2013

When the lights go out in Durame

The lights go out in Azedebo, and internet connectivity follows.  

We have had 4 consecutive nights of hard rain that has given us a welcome reprieve from dust storms and nurtured fields of wilting greenery. Though unfortunately it has also kept me from knowing what all is going on in the world.  Well enough... Life out here is interesting enough to keep me appeased.  And as much as it all matters, when you are as disconnected as I sometimes may be, its tough to feel apart of anything outside of our lil' community.  NBA highlights, updates on African elections, facebook whatever, and instagram showing off sometimes just has to wait.  It has, until this evening (highlights traded in for a couple good Grantland reads).  Somehow the folks at the local internet factory were ale to right the wires and tubes to allow for the before mentioned and updates on Fundame from me to you. 

So i was in Addis last week.  Meetings galore with the boss man, office staff, and potential future collaborators.  Of course I made sure to get in a few runs in the local mountain range of Entoto, many a cheap beer at the local grocery (king bet as its known by a select crew of cronies), and other not so important but needed things.  

During my time away, the management team effectively pushed things along.  Each rooms foundation was set, the second coat of mud applied, and the bathrom's pit was properly reinforced   

The school looks great, and is till set to be completed by the first week of April.  Im happy.  The management team is working wonderfully with or without me, we are currently under budget on both Azedebo and Fundame, and to top it all off I havent lost the usual 20 pounds by this time of the year.

Since being back a myriad notable events have occurred   If the internet holds Ill be playing catch tomorrow and the next.  I promise there are some spellbinding story lines. 

Patching up the gaps around the newly fit doors

Sallamnesh teach Meret the art of slapping on concrete

Getch leading Addise in the art of installing a door

Cement dust handprints

Self surgery. The dreaded well embedded ingrown nail.  Dont wory plenty of moonshine for antiseptic
End of the day

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