Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creature in the Night

Ok, so this isn't for the squeamish. Though there are no pictures for the scare, rather everyone's imagination, including my own...

To start things off, Ijigu and I have pretty much acclimated to the many bumps in that go in the Kololo night, including those left on our bodies from not so friendly crawlies. Remember one of the first blog post on the bugs, yea, those. As the rainy season approaches showers are occurring regularly in the late afternoons and into the evenings. Now if you lived In a burrow, hole, crack and it started to flood you'd leave and look for dry ground, nature largely does the same. Our house, like all those in Kololo, are dry, and the space inside them becomes quite sought after this time a year.

The day I returned from Addis, Ijigu told a harrowing tale of a 2 meter long snake squirling it's way into the house leaving him to defend himself and our good friend and cook Sallamnesh. Needless to say he did what is expected of an Ethiopian city-slicker, and ran for assistance. Note, I don't blame the guy, supposedly there are Green Mambas out here, and the thing beast was "greenish." Well, I am pretty upset that I missed out at what happened next. Sallamnesh cooly grabbed a pan and a stick (shield and sword) and fanned at the ornery reptile until it got bored of hissing and slithered out the way it came. Well that's what was thought; it made its way out the front door.

I didn't pay the story to much thought. Figured those sorts of run ins, like hose we've had with other East African creatures are mostly inevitable, if your out here long enough that is.

A few days later I woke in the middle of the night. With a sheet metal roof, and wildlife and weather abound that happens. Though this time I woke to something more jarring then a hyenas calling or a thunderstorms bangs and clangs over head. Rather I came to due to slowly moving weight on my leg just inside the knee. It was pronounced enough that I quickly scampered to my feet. We sleep on single foldout faulty spring loaded beds, with bed-nets over head. It's amazing I was even able to keep my balance on the contraption. Ijigu heard a muffled, "Oh what the f$&@," and stumbled his way into my room to see a grown man surfing on his cot with an over sized ITN veil. Needless to say, we were unable to spot the snuggle buddy.

So a few days have passed, and we are a little unsure if the thing that found it's way into my sheets was a snake, rodent, or giant spider. I am hoping for a mammal, Ijigu seems to think that I simply got bad JuJu regardless.

Today Ijigu and I returned from work to find that something really wanted to get in our mud home. That hole you see is about the size of a softball, and all that dirt and rock strewn about is not for effect. Whatever Shawshank Redemptioned its way in this afternoon, needed some space to make a proper entrance.

Its nearly time to pass out, and we haven't closed up the void yet in hopes that whatever it is leaves the way it came.

For good measure I might be breaking out the mummy sleeping bag tonight.

Sleep tight ;-)

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