Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painting The Walls

   So we were hoping to find a Forrest green color... Well sea-foam was
as close as we could get. The community loves the color and you'll be
able to spot the front of the school from the other side of the valley
without any problem.
   Two weeks ago, all but cement work, plaster and painting was left.
Cement work will be all that remains by Wednesday morning. A team of
four, including myself, are taking care of the last bit of painting
of the interior and exterior. The following photos display a bit of
what all goes into covering the Kololo school in sea-foam green and a
sky blue.
Gazan and Sallamnesh mixing and prepping the water based
paint. Sallamnesh where's her blue and white shirt on interior paint

The Gesso plaster not only provides a smooth and hardened
surface, but it's ivory color really makes the paint pop.

A nice view of the contrasting interior and exterior walls.
The color scheme reminds me of the paintings that used to hang in my
childhood dentist office. The colors work much better in a African
jungle valley.


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