Monday, April 16, 2012

Finishing Up

Last week was the final big work week in Kololo.  The school build is nearly complete.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent finishing the bathroom, and touching up cement work on the water management system.  We will be having a big party to celebrate at the end of the week.  We are planning on purchasing and cooking up a few lambs and chickens Friday afternoon.  Xavier and I will also use X's compact projector to showcase many of the photos and videos we have taken throughout the build.  Everyone will be pretty excited to see the school rebuilt before their eyes.

Following the party, X and I will use our cameras to create a virtual tour of the buildings.  A video of the party as well as the tour will be on the blog soon after.

Gazan and Sallmnesh priming the facia before its installed.

Tamesken and Tessema working to finish up the rest of the cement pour.

Ijigu monitoring the mix, as the cement is blended with two types of aggregate.

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