Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Relaxing Sundays

     So this is what Sundays usually like by about 10am at our place. The solar is out, the hammocks are up (mine is hiding, but you can see the kids new cobbled together hammock/swing on the left) and plenty of linens are hung to dry.

Check out our cute but horrid new neighbor. That little calf
some how makes a noise like an old beat in Buick.

   The morning is spent catching up on emails and reading. Thanks to the Gutenberg project, I am now in the throes of Dumas's Count of Monte Cristo (got to make time for some fun reads every now and again). By
1pm I roll out of the hammock and make my way to the waterfall for basking, hot rocks, and a cool soak. If we are not attending a coffee ceremony, I usually make it back by five, and retire to the hammock and read until the sun dips to low to light my kindle. Dinner follows and my bed soon after. Oh and there's the typical food fare of fruit and ferries throughout the day.

We got it pretty rough ;-).

One of the last times I'll have this view for quite awhile.
It will be sincerely missed, though the audience will not be.

The kids enjoy their hammocking a little more than I do.
  Theirsis made from the bags our hay (for the cob mix) was delivered
in by neighboring farmers.

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