Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finishing up the Bathroom

The bathroom hole was dug nearly four months ago (Check the Digging the Hole Post).  We completed the inner frame work and metal wire support soon after, but the foundation was poured last weekend.  A wooden support base atop a rock foundation provides the initial support for a cement pad created with 20 bags of 100 percent Portland cement and rebar internal framing. The bathroom structure is designed as a ventilated pit latrine, and we estimate it lasting  for the next 5-7 years.  When the hole is full, the structure will be unfastened from the foundation and moved with the aid of built in transport bars to a new site 20 meters from its current position. The structures inside is divided into two separate spaces for woman and men, and  offers four rooms as well as two hand wash stations. The bathroom will need a few repainting over the years, but it is build to last, with privacy and public health in mind.

Hauling ladders to be recycled into bathroom wall supports.

Finding plum

Xavier fastening the structure to the foundation.

Looking on as the Bathroom starts to take shape

X trimming a few perpendicular supports 

Keeping track of where all the lumber came from.  About 35
trees of all sorts in all.

Trimming to level.  And yes I usually chew on nails while framing, thanks

Acting a fool

Afternoon rain clouds rolling in

What to do when the sawzall's battery can not be charged,
sawzall by hand of course 

The paint starting to go on as Matios and Andreas prepare the top row of
corrugated to be fastened to the structure.

Gazan and Berhanu half way through the first coat.

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  1. This looks nicer than the shinte bet by your place. Good work!