Monday, April 16, 2012

Dancing in Kololo

The kiddies love there afternoon dance party/work out viewing.  The radio goes on, I pick up the weights, and the kids let loose a combination of mimicking my various exercises, and shaking away.  I am not kidding here, the other day while I was doing my pushups Tashagre gave me a condescending look and got down on all fours and pumped 7 pushups.  The entire time he pushed on up, he stared me down, as if saying "you aint sh*!." I lost it, and completely broke down laughing.  It was just too good.  He smiled got up and preceded to fetch a tea pot (why, no one knows) and got back to dancing .  Real shame X was not around to get that moment on tape.

Please take note of Tashagare's air guitar.  I did not show him that one.

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