Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 weeks

The time I think it will take until we finish Azedebo's KG and library.  

We are almost finished with the plaster (gesso/melted blackplastic stuff), cement work will be done by Friday, after that we will be taking care of the bathroom, exterior plumbing, painting and cleaning the space.  I am very proud of Kololo and Ekodaga, but Azedebo is positioned to be the most aetheticlly pleasing structure to date.  A big thanks to Troy Gallas, yet again, for offering up the superb design

2 weeks from now, the entire ER field management team will be able to invest ourselves fully in Fundame.  As you can see, in just two and a half weeks we have moved along solidly, though with Temsgin, Sallmnesh and an array of familiar Azedebo workers on site, we will have no problem finishing Fundame by April.  The facts that this build does not include a library (Fundame 1-8 already has one that ER is now sponsoring), and the entire structure is positioned on a single level really streamlines the build process.  Azedebo has gone by in a flash, be sure to check in from time to time, because you may just miss an entire phase of the Fundame build project. 

The cob mix starts Monday.   

Fundame taking shape
Window cavities 

Tertiary framing begun

Saturday night lottery: 15 people have to go so 15 new folks can work

The covered walkways framing is almost complete.  Were waiting on the plastering  and painting before finishing completely 

First exterior coat 

Ejigu Temesgin and I taking shop with an almost completed Azedebo in the background

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