Monday, February 25, 2013

3 in 3 years and counting

Been working in central and south western Ethiopia for the majority of the last three years.  Lived as countryside local, put a miles and miles on once dependable work boots, taken thousands of photos, broken my fare share of hand tools and made a few friends along the way.  Azedebo's completion this last Saturday marks the third ER/Tesfa school I have had the privileged to lead. Took just over three and a half months.  

Considering Kololo and Ekodaga's builds were somewhat similar in size, and they each consumed over 5 months of time... well you can say that we are efficiently moving along. 

At request from the local officials, we are going to be postponing the community celebrations for two weeks.  The school's director and some local government bigwigs types, have invited Radio and News agencies to the event, and everyone wants to make sure that the media has plenty of time to squeeze the party into their schedule.   

Now to really get moving in Fundame.

Not bad

Taking care of the door trim

Library after a fresh mopping

Notice the window trim

The ladies helping out with cleaning 

The outdoor reading/meeting area

Finishing the last of the cement work

The rainwater canals

Last  of the touch ups 

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