Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Aund Lai"

Folks keep asking me how we are doing so much, so fast.  It may sound like a recipe for poor craftsmanship, but its because we are doing as much as we possibly can at once.  Dont, fret we have it all, mostly under control ;-).

The main reasons for us working so efficiently is our constant effort to do more than one thing at once. Rather than splitting the project into numerous short phases, like roofing, mud work, doors and windows, ect. We do our very best to tackle as many aspects of the build at once.  Thus the Amhaic phrase aund lai (to the effect of "at one time").  Currently we are finishing up roofing, the first coat of cob, just completed the classrooms rock foundation, all while planting the posts for the covered walk way.  By effectively combining what are usually individual build phases, we greatly shorten the time of the over all project.  Thus enabling us to build two KG's within a single dry season.  

Getch and Matios leveling out the rafters

Interior first layer cob work is complete

From a roofers prespective

Tightening up the leveling strings

Cob water on it way to storage

5 more weeks

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