Monday, February 11, 2013

Felt and plaster

Azedebo's got a new clean look, and Fundame's walls are starting to take shape.  

Noteworthy accomplishments for the day:

The last of the  felt split this afternoon.  1750 in total.
We re-plumbed the unused school water storage and created a handy staircase to dump thousands of lieters of water into the 7 foot tall bins top hatch.

Plasters almost complete.  Paints next.
The perimeter stone work will be finished in the next couple days.
The cement work will be finished by the end of the week.

1 of 1550 split timbers used o the Fundame build

Ejigu guiding the Fundame crew throw leveling magar as its nailed into place

Sallamnesh showing off some of her hard work in the schools libray

Getch  leading the way in his Roto stairs

Roto stairs complete

Felts almost finished

Desaleng felting away

Another day in Fundame
Two coats of plaster complete

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