Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Almost there

So close.... 

Finishing touches and lots of tidying up in Azedebo.  

Of course, like with the builds leading up to this one we are running into a few last minute issues, there is new a glass shortage in the surrounding cities, and there in no green paint in all of Durame or Shinshicho. You folks with Home Depot's, Lowe's r neighborhood hardwear stores have no idea how fortunate you really are. We have a couple friends searching out the needed materials in Hoessana and Sodo. Together we will track it all down... in time.   

We are banking on Friday.  That still gives us time to meet or Saturday goal.  If not, no harm done.  Were not going anywhere for another 6 weeks.  When we have the needed materials we'll finish the work.

People ask me what I've learned about myself during my time out here.  Many, many things.  Right now though, that I can be a very patient guy. 

Like I have a choice.  

Cleaning up the windows in prep for the glass 
Bathroom lower surround nearly complete 

Covered walk ways smooth cement finish being prefected

Almost there (we had to re apply plaster this morn on the library's exterior wall). 

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