Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where I've been

Azedebo is nearly three weeks from completion, an ideal time for a very important supporter to pay a visit.  In the projects first days, its mostly digging in a field, in the end, well there's not much process to take in.  However, 3 weeks from the completion party is just about perfect.  The school structure has taken shape, future classrooms and a library can be explored, and there is still plenty of time to grab a shovel.

Liz and her great group of friends/ER supporters were out in Fundame and Azedebo for two days early this week.  The group made a point of trip to directly connect with the beneficiaries   The first day was spent meeting with three Azedebo families that are currently working on the ER build team and also have at least one child that will be attending the KG next year.  Each of the families graciously welcomed us into their home, and spoke warmly about their new found hope for the educational development of the community.  The school  has yet to be finished, and the families are already talking with reverence of the importance of KG education for the the entire community.  One of the family fathers, Desaleng, even made the point to share his disappointment with the local 1-8's quality of education and that his plans to pull his current first grade student and his third grade daughter out of their classes and enrol them in to Azedebo's KG. Makes you stop and think huh? It's certainly not only Tesfa and ER that know the importance or early childhood education, but the populations we work alongside.

The following day Liz and co. returned to get their hands dirty with the workers.  Between the new white faces, and the extra camera, folks were moving a bit slow to start.  Though after Liz and Rachel started schlepping rocks and mixing cement everyone got moving at the usual none-stop pace.  The mid-day sun was especially intense, so the ladies smartly didnt put in a full day.   Even though a good portion of the day was used to record the the faces behind the build, everyone was glad to have them at the site. We were constantly met with smiles and surrounded in infectious laughter.    

The day was broken up with a feast at my families place.  Watt, tibs, veggies, other watt, fresh injera, and of course some of Sigamo's infamous moonshine honey mix.  Liz and Rachel didnt shy away.  Each even imbibed...  just a taste.  According to Liz, my every eve night cap, horribly strong, but actually kind of tasty.

It was great visit.  Thank you Liz Rachel, Tressa, and Marla for the unwavering support and of course for taking the time to make the trip out.  Im looking forward to seeing all the pictures and video.  

Tamesgin tidying up the first coat of cement on the birrenda 

Mixing  up a batch of plaster

The second coating of cement . 3 classrooms down.

Liz and the ER field management team with Maradesh and Melices's family 

A look at the outdoor meeting and reading area 

Cabu and Sallamnesh taking care of the first coat of gesso plastering

Lolo enjoying sugar cain with the girls 


  1. Awesome work bro! Man I wish I was out there with you and Lolo. Your pics are looking good too! I hope your diet is all good and you're not all hopped up on bowls of salt-sauce and inch thick injera :) Tell Ijigu, Sallomnesh, and Temesgin I said whattup!

  2. Hi there! I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm astounded by the work that has taken place since we were there. Keep up the great work!! Please say hi to Ijigu and Sallomnesh for me. I hope to see you soon.