Monday, March 26, 2012

Plastering the Walls in Kololo

Almost a week and a half ago we starting mixing our first batch of 'gesso.' The paper mâché like viscous solution is heated, and then mixed literally by hand. The process doesnt take much time but it is messy. When the gesso hardens, it forms a smooth durable surface that evenly fills cracks in the cob, as well as providing an ideal surface for the classrooms paint. We are finishing up the last of the walls today. The process has taken nearly two weeks of constant work due to the schools high walls. There's a lot of surface area to contend with when painting a three tiered house built on a steep hill. The painting, mostly blue white and green, should be complete by Thursday.

Here's a few shots of the gesso team.

Ermius, Sallamnesh and Debebe.  Sallmensh is on mixing duty.  Note her right

The Center walls height is 4.5 meters. Our Dr Seuss ladder
does wonders for reaching the top spots.

The team waiting for the mix.  At about 190 pounds, its a
little risky helping the guys (140 pounds tops) with the
ladder work.  Lets just say I figured out with a thud on the
 last build,that I'm a little hefty for most ladders.
If you notice Tamesken's grip, you may be paint nerd, but
he is showing off solid painters form.

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