Sunday, November 25, 2012

A day ends and new day begins

Not so fortunate me is still sharing a pint sized cot with my quickly growing baby gal.  Lolo and I get along pretty well in the late evening, we are both exhausted,  so its easy getting comfortable and knocking out.  Sleep has been working fairly well.   There is the occasional bathroom break, or awkward late night rollover, but we manage…  it’s the mornings that are little unnerving.  Lolo, like clockwork starts playing tug-a-war with my sheets at  6:30.  In an attempt to make the most of my fleeting opportunity for rest, I let her win, and snatch another 10 or so minutes.  Shortly after, were both up, I horridly find my work wear and take Lolo out (puppy potty training is not for the impatient). 

Like my mornings most anywhere, its just going through the motions.  Stretch, hydrate, email if internet allows, and then its breakfast and ginger tea with a welcoming morning read (Azedebo motions are a little nicer than usual).  Right now I'm flipping the digital pages of the Talking Heads’s old front man, David Byrn’s Bicycle Diaries.  Its good. But wow do I miss my bike. Kololo has some fresh milk, with a side of the same bread, and scraps of eggs if my appetite allows.  It’s just the two us at the table, me beside it and her below. The morning is refreshingly quite, my father and mother are often still snoozing, everyone else is getting ready for school or taking care of chores, so outside of a couple rooster flare ups, Lolo and I enjoy in peace. 

By about 745 I’m brushing my teeth and filtering the last bit of  few liters of water for the days consumption. Work and school  begin at 8, so we are sure to be on our way no later than 7:50.  I then have the pleasure of escorting Meta and Sahi (two of the young ladies I live with, one family, the other a house maid) to school.  The mornings are pretty brisk at 2,400 meters, so Lolo is happy to be ushered to the work site inside Meta’s sport coat.  It’s a symbiotic relationship; Lolo stays cozy while Meta absolutely cherishes her task. The school compound is but a short jaunt across the main road and the sports field, but after just a couple minutes the four of us are usually walking in a huddle of 40 or so curious and a bit envious students.  Lolo is the only puppy around, and the only clean dog for that matter, Meta, if she wasn't already, has definitely become one of the “cool kids.”  Once inside the school property Lolo, Meta and Sahi say their goodbyes, Lolo leaps to the ground and the two of us jog the 100 meters to the jobsite.  Most of the crew is usually already there, and happy to see the both of us.  Her more than I… of course.   

Freshly made habasha bread, eggs and potatoes with plenty of hot sauce, tea, and my ipad. Not exactly roughing it.

Meta and Sahi on our way to the school compound.

Those smile are for the little pup running their way.

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