Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The school design

Photos of the school design have been floating around on facebook, but ER has yet to make a formal announcement of the final design.  The following is just that.  Thanks to Troy Gallas, yet again, the lead architect behind each of the three schools I have/will build in Ethiopia, we have another remarkable school/library design. 

The school is positioned on a 45 meter x 45 meter plot of land within a massive existing 1-8 school compound.  The four classrooms are 8 meters x 6 meters, the office and storage  is 4 meters x 5 meters, the library is 10 meters by 10 meters and the outdoor reading/meeting space is 6 meters by 10 meters.  This L shape design allows for a wealth of land in the middle of the sites space to be used for playground equipment and a field for volley ball and soccer.

A few things to note: Because of the lands slight incline The buildings have been flipped, and the downward facing portion of the "L" shape is broken into two levels... Imagine Kololo's building set up, on a smaller scale. There is only a 60 cm difference in Azedebo, Kololo's is close to 2 meters.  We also reduced the amount of windows by  about a single window per classroom.  That still allows for at least 5 per room, not to mention the 4 skylights overhead.  The bathroom is not pictured within this rendering. It is located in the bottom SW corner, or just below and inset from the downward facing section of the "L" shape.  We also added a fence to the schools perimeter due to governmental KG school standards. 

There's plenty other great elements to Troy's design, but Ill wait to showcase those in individual blog posts. 


Library, office, storage and outdoor meeting/reading area on the left.  Four equal sized classrooms on the right.
Sheltered walk way allowing for a weather protected walk from one class to the next. 

Outdoor meeting/reading area and library.

Plenty of transparent roofing to allow for great of natural lighting.

A view of the class rooms from the back. You can also see the single drainage canal.

Inside view of the office/storage, library and outdoor meeting/reading space.

Inside view of the four classrooms.

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  1. Love all the updates Cien! So great to be "a part of" all the progress. Can't wait to be there in February!