Friday, November 16, 2012

Time away spent well

For the past few days Lolo (the pup’s new name, I’ll explain later) and I have been traveling around Kembata-Tembaro with the incredible folks from Mudula Water and Clinic at a Time.  During my two and half days away from the jobsite, Ejigu and Temesgin worked together to guide the 20 person work crew through digging nearly 200 post holes.  Their and the communities effort was a success, and my trip with Liz McGovern and co. was an amazing one. All the landscaping was well executed, and my time away was inspiring, to say the very least.

Liz worked with an amazing group of very invested donors to coordinate an amazing two week visit of numerous current, and potential Ethiopian projects.  During my couple days with the group we delivered critical materials to four separate health centers (one of which is the relocated clinic that I journeyed to to have my arm relocated), visited new and old build sites (Kololo, and Azedebo) and spent time touring potential referal  health care facilities in Kembata-Tembaro for Mudula Waters Mid-wife program.  The group was great, everyone was incredibly positive, and always so very happy to see and often hold Lolo.  Its funny how she deflects nearly all of the attention from the 8-14 ferengies where ever we are. Seriously its pretty crazy. 

The following is a few shots of our time in Ambakuna, Mudula, and Kololo.  There is a lot more Id like to share, but tonight's uploads were averaging 35 minutes a photo :-/.  Hey but at least I have internet out here ... right?

The Ambakuna community eagerly assisting us in unloading much needed and appreciated materials

A shadowy shot of Liz and co, and the Ambakuna staff

Spotted this hot rad little number a day or two after the vote

A nice show of bright eyes and big smiles from a few Kololo kids

Two Kololo students posing infront of the school on their way home for lunch


  1. Waiting to hear how Lolo got her name...., still think Fudge would have been a good name!