Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look whos back

Sallamnesh was able to join the Azedebo team yesterday morning.  Due to work obligations in Addis, she was delayed by a few weeks, we are all happy to finally have her out.  Sallamnesh will work alongside Temesgin as an onsite assistant manager.  Each is expected to lead through actions, and provide additional monitoring support to Ejigu and I.  Sallamnesh has the potential of being a critical part of the project management team.  She explained yesterday that she was very excited for the opportunity to work with ER, and even more so to be a role model for the woman in the community.

 Upon her arrival we ran through introductions as well as her role as an onsite assistant manager.  She was welcomed by each of our workers, though the young woman took special notice.  Most of which were very shy, though a couple attempted to take Sallamnesh aside and ask her about her having position in almost male dominated field.  Sallamnsh seemed to take it in stride, smiling saying a few short words  (from what I understood her response was long the lines of “oh its nothing”), grabbed a hammer, called upon a male assistant and confidently began swinging away.

I am really looking forward to working with Sallamnesh in creating leadership workshops that focus on empowering young woman through  building personal confidence just as much as skill sets.  

Sallamnesh looking over the nearly completed  perimeter fence. 

The crew.  Were all a bit tired after a long day.  And yes i know I have what looks to be soot all over my face.  We earn our pay out here ;-).

Sallamnesh and Wendumu working together to finish the perimeter fence line.

Swinging away.

Where we are.  Thats 4 dump trucks of boulders in the middle.

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