Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Background on the big summer merger

I want to take the time to share a Ethiopia Reads news letter with all those wondering (it may not be many, but just in case) about why ER is now the implementing body behind my work rather than The Tesfa Foundation. The following will help answer a few potential questions, and give you all a solid update on a couple of my employers.

Over the last eight years, with your support, the Tesfa Foundation has accomplished much. Together we have
built and staffed eight schools; trained and supported dozens of educational professionals; and provided many
young Ethiopian athletes with education and vocational training. We are extremely proud of these undertakings and are grateful to you for your support of education, opportunity and community improvement for so very many
underprivileged people in Ethiopia.

Since our inception, the Tesfa Foundation has collaborated with other non-profit organizations when appropriate. Over the course of the last two years, we have increasingly worked alongside Ethiopia Reads, a well-respected organization that believes deeply in education by way of literacy and that was originally created ten years ago to put more books into more hands of more Ethiopians. Tesfa's own Executive Director, Dana Roskey, has spent these last two years implementing and supervising Ethiopia Reads' programming in Ethiopia and advising its U.S. board of directors. During this time, we at the Tesfa Foundation have learned how very much our own mission overlaps with that of Ethiopia Reads.

In order to maximize resources for both organizations in implementing one shared vision, the board of directors
Tesfa Foundation has voted to combine our efforts and name Ethiopia Reads as the lead implementing agency for our educational programming. That means that these programs will become Ethiopia Reads programs, with the Tesfa Foundation as a funding partner. Donations made to the Tesfa Foundation for any of our projects that have moved to Ethiopia Reads will still be applied to those projects. It should also be noted that the Tesfa Foundation UK remains in place, and retains its own direct link to Tesfa programming in Ethiopia.

We believe this change will positively affect our programming, starting specifically with our recently declared
goal to bring more schools to the Kembata-Tembaro region of Ethiopia. This objective will now be that much
easier to attain as Ethiopia Reads has a strong ongoing relationship with government agencies in Ethiopia, the
Tesfa staff and Executive Director in Ethiopia will continue to implement these programs as they work for Ethiopia Reads and as many of our board members move to the Ethiopia Reads board of directors.

Of course, you too will be instrumental in our continued success. We hope that you will maintain your commitment to education in Ethiopia and to our programming in there. We have only accomplished what we have so far because of you, and the future will only be bright if you accompany us. Please, join us at Ethiopia Reads!

Those of you enrolled with the Tesfa Foundations for automatic donations need not make any changes.

With sincere gratitude for your longstanding and continued support, and on behalf of everyone at the Tesfa

Project updates and an overview of my trip with Mudula Water/ Clinic at a Time soon to come.


  1. Thank you for clarifying the ER and Tesfa connection. That makes total sense. I just found your blog via a facebook group and love reading about all the projects going on in the Kembata Tambaro areas.

  2. Glad you posted this! Best of luck as you continue the same good work! -Tanya