Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where we are

Even though Ejigu and I were in the midst of a ridiculously long day of dealing with slimey build material providers, I was able to work with Temesgin and a couple of guys in the workcrew to set some 50 odd posts and get a majority of the fences framing up.  As long as the wood keeps coming it will be finished by Wednesday   Then its finally time to start framing out the buildings.

Meleces, Marah, and Arakin cutting the fence timbers to size.

Temesgin readying the first post.  Notice all the others ready to go, and the clay filler (awesome for a strong pack) being
toted into place by the workers behind him.

The primary structure of the fence.  Each post is placed at least 80cm in the ground.  That's nearly 3 feet.  Folks here think were crazy (in most cases, people dont bury their timbers more then 30cm into the ground), but with proper maintenance  we are planning on this fence being hear for decades to come.  

Sure its kind of boring but the right preparation, leads to a true, and level product.
Your looking at perfectly inline post holes for the schools rear exterior walls.  The
string on the left shows the ground at level.  We dug on average 30 cm. to create two
equal footprints of 12 mtr x 8 mtr.  The library, office, and outdoor reading area (not shown)
got the same treatment.

This is the view that I have been using and will continue to do so, for showing every day progress of the build.  In a few months the shots will make for an epic time lapse.

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  1. I can't believe how quickly things are moving here already! Awesome! -Tanya