Friday, January 18, 2013

A power surge in Azedebo

Click, click, click, pop.  Sparks shoot from the rooms lone socket and all goes dark.  Dang, Ethiopia scores again. 

Had a nice little write-up going yesterday eve, then the power and internet went out simultaneously with bang.  According to Sigamo this sor of thing happens  every now and again.  If your unfortunate a particular gizo may catch the worst of it and is subsequently put to pasture   The like-new refrigerator in my room, that is now used as a book with a door,  is a constant reminder.  Post was lost into the cyber abyss, and my netbook battery possible fried.   Ill keep this one short just in case. 

Re-cap: half the windows and doors were delivered, a portion of the outdoor reading area's boarder was installed, and the second layer of cob is looking swell.

Where we are at 

Frame cut to sixe, and window frame fitted.

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