Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ethiopia has got a knack for the art of getting even.  All is going peachy keen and then you wake up to a rat in the bed, or your waiters always take the to liberty to tip themselves through providing improper change, and then you got your bacterial infections…   My buddy Xavier and I (the tall fella that helped me out with Kololo last year for a few months) used to refer to this concept (more of a reality for the two of us) as a seemingly unwinnable game.  Ethiopia is the Harlem Globetrotters, and we are  their perpetual foe. 

To outsiders of living a rural habasha life as a ferengi, this stance may come off as negative way to look at things.  But then again, if you lived through some of the events that X had the misfortune of suffering through, you might also feel like that you were getting worked over in the paint to no avail.   Hopefully X chimes in on the comment section.

I've always done my best not to dwell on the things that go wrong, I honestly at this point expect them to.  When they don’t, I'm content, when they do, well that’s just another poster-izing clip for ESPNs Sportcenter highlight real.  That all said, things are going great out here.  We have our daily problems, and sometimes pretty huge issues arise, though we're mostly accustomed to the precarious ebb and flow of our work. 

Today I got dunked on pretty viciously; a mammoth crowbar fell out of the sky and landed on my back.  I had it coming; the roof is now finished and we started the second layer of cob.

Take a gander at that buttery finish 
Lolo being lolo

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  1. The crowbar does not sound good. I hope you are OK. Great job, but take care of yourself.

  2. Hope you are ok. Sounds pretty scary. Much love to your crew and hope everyone is well!

  3. Thanks gals. Had plenty worse out here. Just a little welt and some lower back pains. Already feeling back to good.