Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cob time

Another day in Azedebo.  Almost 2 months in, and we have already started applying the cob.  To be fair though, we are cheating a bit.  Usually the build waits for the corrugated to be overhead before this phase, but the cob is ready and the delivery of some essential build materials have been held up.  So we decided to roll the dice (it will not rain, and wash some of our work away) and go ahead with the mud slinging.  

Seems risky I know, but were confidant that all will be well. We have had a great deal of wind over the last few days, but no rain, and the village elders seem to think that it will remain dry for at-least the next week.  If the shamagalees (village elders) give something the thumbs up you best go along with it, espeially if you are white faced foreigner. Seeing that we should have our missing kuffuf (Ethiopian version of fascia)  by tomorrow afternoon, and we will have the first classroom roofed by Saturday afternoon, our cob should be safe.

The classrooms roof framming is all finished up, were now almost complete with the libraries

View of the mixing pond from above.  Its covered in hay to keep the cob from completely frying out in the sun.

The innards of an almost complete first layer of cob'd room.

My view as I enjoy my after work coffee and Ethiopian trail mix.

For all those that need their puppy fix.  

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