Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cobing away

In less then a week of work days we are about 4 hours from completing the first layer of mud on the entire interior and exterior of the schools four 6x8 meter class rooms.  Thats roughly 500 square meters.  A sizable amount of area; imagine driving down a one way street for 5 football fields, half a kilometer or so.  

How its done... an effectively managed team of 23 cob workers.  Each with a designated role, working within individual teams.  All who's work is monitored and coached by Ejigu and my self ( Temesgin and Sallamnesh have been on holiday for Xmas, they return tomorrow).  Its certainly not perfect, but the training and subsequent systems in place are usually working well.  Employees are seemingly enjoying themselves (infectious laughter reverberates throughout the job site over the course of the day) while doing good work. And if we continue at this rate we'll be finished with the top coat by next Tuesday

Some of the team members work titles (roughly translated into English):
Mixers: Those that continually provide perfect consistency cob mix. Lots of stomping about.
Loaders; Those that dig out the cob and plop it on the barrelas
Toters: Those that carry the loads of cob to the numerous applicator sites.
Rollers: Those that make softball size cob balls for easy throws. Some times they double down as throwers.
Throwers; Those that take the cob and through it artfully into the air to be caught by the applicators
Applicators; Those that catch and then slather that cob into place.

It may sound like a mess, but its a productive little operation.

Heres a chunk of the work crew, but theres another 8 toiling outside of view

Bringing in some extra hay to keep the consistency just right

Days work

Tomorrow were onto the next, as our the roofers. 

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