Friday, January 4, 2013

Double time

 Somehow a delivery of Ethiopian fascia was on schedule today.    Doesn’t happen often, so Ejigu and I did our best to relish the moment.  Wisecracks were exchanged on Ethiopian timeliness (Ejigu is somehow always 5 minutes early to everything), then I hurried off to put our new materials to use.

Soon after that unexpected donkey delivery, cob was simultaneously being slung, slathered and stomped, and I worked with Matios and Temesgin to hoist the kuffuf into place.  Kuffuf provides the boarder for the roof, and unless you install that boarder first, you tend to get an unfortunate final product and a throng of punished knuckles.  Lesson effectively learned three years ago in Ekodaga. 

So after a couple hours of fascia creation and installation, the corrugated work began this afternoon.  The roof wont catch up with the cob until at least Tuesday.  As you can tell from the photos below, we have got a sizable bunch mixing and applying the cob… and they’re fast.  We have already nearly finished the inside of three of the four classrooms in less than 3 days.  At that rate the corrugated folks, me included, might just be beat out in completing the roof before the interior cob. After that the cob team (chicca buddin) moves onto exterior application, and team roof (tarra buddin) installs the gutters and downspouts.

Exciting stuff for a ER project manager/ build geek. 
Ejigu and Sallamnesh guiding the mixing crew.
Brook eye-ing up his next splat

A glimpse of the cob throwing team

The first corrugated sheet being brought in
Abebe waiting to make the hand off.  Notice two of the translucent sheets are already in place.

Desaleng holding the corrugated true, Temesgin enjoying the view, and Matios hammering one of 390 down.

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  1. You work really hardly... I don't know, if I could make this same. Greetings from Poland!