Thursday, January 10, 2013

On to the next

One building finished a another and a bathroom to go.  Roof framing and kuffuf installation was completed by noon, and the cobers started application just prior to the lunch break.  All was going well, until the mid afternoon storm hit.  We all, and even the half nailed down corrugated made it through, but we lost the last hour of the day to 40 mile per hour winds, torrential down pour, and even a good amount of hail.  With the next build starting in less then 10 days the ER management crew and I are all hoping that this doesnt become a regular thing.

First few rows going up.

The guys below matching pace


Taking cover.  Please note Ejigu's outfit.  

TThe guys said I needed a photo with Lolo infront of the finished first structure... ok

Where we are 

Ejigu and Lolo having fun with her new chain


  1. Such cool photos. Makes me so excited to be there in a few weeks!!

  2. Love hearing how things are going and love the picture of Ejigu and Lolo. My best to both of them.