Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All sorts of photos

A few photos from the last month of living and working in Kololo.  A huge thanks to Xavier for supplying the means and skill to produce these.  Plenty more to come.

Temesken and I slapping the cement on.

Some of the chicca (cob in amharic) crew 

Enjoying a mango on a Sunday.  And yes I know there is plenty of mango
on my face, there usually is.

Gazan and Sallamnesh waiting for the rain to pass.

My annoyed its raining face. I'm never too happy when were unable to work.  

Tamesken slamming the foundation into a nice even pile.

Lieutenant Dan hoping for a snack.

Tassama and Saqanesh working together to finish the final cobb coat.

Dawitt in Ijigus tattered cap.

Andreras and Ermius hoisting the scaffolding into place.

Xavier practicing his night photography.

Cababush and Ashenafee are always happy to see X with
the camera.

Front door from the inside.

Ijigu and I talking through the day.  Our water filters dangle in the background.

The hyena's view of the house.  Kinda spooky.

Morning in Kololo.

Ijigu, Xavier and I always have a breakfast of school builders on the front porch.
The dogs take care of any scraps, and the flies take care of our patience.
The sunrise over the valley is worth it  Yes I have ninja slippers on, why not.

The everyday after work, and Sunday hangout.

Waterfall fauna.

Ijigu assisting with the cement mix.

Sallamnesh and I directing the pour.

Gazan and Marko dropping off a load of cement, while I wait with the
evening board.  

Xavier's laundry audience.  He is popular with the kiddies.

Pride Rock.

Xavier greeting his crucial ingredient to our Mexican dinner.


More kiddies.

My reaction after some local moonshine.  Imagine aburnt grain tasting strychnine. 

Xavier's reaction after the the local homebrew. Ooof.

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