Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday Coffee Ceremony

Anyone that has spent even a few days in Ethiopia, has a underlining idea of the cultural importance of coffee.  Dating back to as early as the 900 AD, coffee beans are rumored to have been purposefully grown, cultivated and processed here in Ethiopia.  Over the centuries, coffee has become not only one of the countries largest exports, but the process of preparing and enjoying coffee has become a time honored tradition. 

At least every other Sunday, we make our way to one of the village homes to visit with family and discuss day to day life.  The week before last Ijigu, Xavier and I walked the short  distance to Temeskens.  Adorned with religious inspired paintings, and always full of extended family, his family home provides a unique background for our mostly work and soccer related banter. The following photos offer up a few images from our afternoon with Temesken's family.    

Kind of looks like Quentin Tarantino huh?

The usual fare; local produce, grains, and at least 3 cups of coffee.

Tamesken's nieces and nephews 

Father and son.  Lil' Temesken loves his avacodos

Lil' Temesken and Ijigu practicing their volleyball sets.  Volley ball is oddly very
popular in Ethiopia. 
Taking in the artwork

Temesken and his wife Kongete 

The families front entry way.  Impressive huh.

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