Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip to Mudula

     Yesterday, Ijigu, Temesken and a security guard walked the 12 km from
Kololo to Mudula. We made the visit to meet with local officials and
engineers to discuss present and future projects by Tesfa/ER and
Mudula Water. The walk there was certainly a hike. With an unforgiving
equatorial sun overhead, we arrived in Mudula exhausted and sporting
sturdy sweat lines.  The shortcut taken took us off the main road and
led us through beautiful plateaus and deep valleys nearly comparable
to crevasses. Ijigu and I were particularly impressed my the
 consistent elevation change throughout the trip.

The potential build site for Mudula Waters Community Center
and Library.

      Once in Mudula, we met with a variety of engineers and city officials.
Talks went well as we visited offices and potential future build
sites. When the morning meetings finished up we sat for a bit to gather
our energy for our long walk home. After finishing a few warm sodas we
made our way to a local shop to pick up food reserves. We then were
off down the dust cloud ridden gravel and dirt highway.

Ijigu, myself and a local official chatting over drinks. Tamesken was
having a tough time with his finger placement.

      Remarkably, a fuel truck slowed to comment on the white guy walking
along. We casually, half joking asked to allow us to jump on his tank.
With a laugh, he motioned to climb aboard. We, and a few other locals
followed suit. I was given the prestigious position on the top of the
fuel tank. With a fatalistic inkling, I shrugged and readied myself
for a bumpy ride.

Just another day riding fuel tanks through rural SW
Ethiopia ;-).


  1. I have the exact elevation changes from Kololo to Mudula on my GPS. It is impressive! Also, did you use the footpath that runs through Hadero all the way to Mudula? (I'm not sure where it starts, that would be cool to know). Awesome work Cien. Thanks for being out there with your team!

  2. i appreciate your updates so much cien! you are quite an awesome person!