Friday, March 9, 2012

Pouring the Floor

     It's multi-staged process that relies on grit, precision and
wherewithal. A specialized work crew started assembling the floor
foundations nearly 3 weeks ago, and yesterday evening we finished our
first pour. Both the library and school office are now sporting
cement floors that are nearly as smooth as eggs.

     The following is an offering of a few photos of the process behind
creating Kololos floors.
Where the rock is delivered and the hauled from.
What it looks like when 35-40 cm of boulders and rock are
compacted into place.
Marco and Gazan delivering one of the hundreds of loads of
cement needed to fill the office and library.

Making a buttery surface that will last for decades

Tamesken at about 135 pounds, is about the perfect weight for
putting the finishing touches on the office floor.

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