Friday, March 9, 2012

The Avocado Tree

     The schools NE corner sits below a massive avocado tree. For the past
2 months, on Friday early afternoons(just before the Friday Soyami
evening market) the plentiful tree has been scaled and picked of it's 
ripening fruit. Currently avocados are sold for a birr a piece, and
the family is usually able to sell 75 to 100 between Friday and
Saturday markets. Presently both the mother and the eldest son are
working on the build. Meanwhile, the eldest 4 siblings take after the
families livestock and compact farm plots.

Famos the youngest daughter nervously poising in front of the
family home. During the day she's responsible for herding and feeding
the families cows.

Directly beside the avocado tree sits a mango tree. And just
beyond that, are numerous banana and plantain trees.  When all are in
bloom, the family has variety of offerings for the local markets.

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