Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rain Delay


     The rainy season should not be under way until at least the end of
April, yet this morning we coped with our first heavy rain since our
first trip out to Kambata Tambaro nearly 11 months ago. Our
workforce, a community of farmers, was elated. An early rain seemingly
bodes well for the rest of the usually very dry season. Everyone also
got the first hour of the day off due to rain delay.  We had a very
cozy and content crew in our temporary storage room.

      Around 9 o’clock, the rains dissipated to a drizzle and work began. By
lunch, the last of the school roofing and exterior cement coating was
completed.  The rest of the day was spent hauling rock and applying
the second coat of cob. We are anticipating pouring the first floor on

as early as Thursday march 8th.

A few of the tools used in the cob prep process.

Some of the work crew sharing stories as we wait for the
weather to pass.

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